World Championships 2019 (Dublin, Ireland)

Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance with elements from the Brazilian samba, where the dance originated. In ballroom competitions, it is the second dance of five. It travels around the floor, allowing the dancers to present themselves to the audience all sides of the area, including the prestigious judges.

At this World Championship, Casey and Kayci were grateful to place in the World Amateur Rising Star final out of a very competitive field of dancers.


World Championships 2019 (Dublin, Ireland)
The beautiful and elegant waltz is the first of five dances in the International Standard category. One of the oldest ballroom dances, it is credited as the first popular dance to feature a closed position. It is characterized by a 3/4 timing, and couples use rise and fall, swing, and sway to create full movement and beautiful shapes as they glide across the floor.


United States National Championships 2019
K&C dance their Jive at the 2019 U.S. National Dancesport Championships. The final dance in any major final is the energetic Jive. Full of exciting, high-energy movements and danced to lively swing music, Jive is one of Casey’s favorite dances and has been since he was a boy.


United States National Championships 2016
K&C dance their Cha Cha at the 2016 U.S. National Dancesport Championships. This cheeky dance is the first dance in any final. It introduces the couples, setting a first impression for the rest of the dances to follow. This year K&C placed 8th.


United States National Championships 2016
Kayci Treu and Benjamin Ralph won their first United States Cabaret title with this routine, dancing to “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles. They have since performed this number over 100 times throughout the world and across the United States. Cabaret (also called Theater Arts) is a style of ballroom dancing that incorporates beautiful lifts and tricks.