“Come Alive”

The Greatest Showman

This Latin medley was inspired by the music of “The Greatest Showman,” and especially the uplifting lyrics of “Come Alive.” We believe in its message: chase your dreams and don’t be afraid to reach for your highest potential. Share your light! Come alive! We hope this performance for Danzinskule Education Foundation inspired the audience to believe a little more in their ability to “go and light their lights …let them burn so bright.”

“Puttin’ on the Ritz”

Fred Astaire Tribute
Widely regarded as one of the most influential dancers in film history, Fred Astaire has inspired many performers, including Michael Jackson. We hoped to pay tribute to Fred by creating our own ballroom rendition of “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

“To Dream” Latin Medley

Dress Rehearsal

We created this Latin medley during our last year of college at Brigham Young University and performed it in the Marriot Center for the student body. Our first Latin medley together, we wanted to create an inspirational piece about dreams. Life is not easy, and sometimes it hits pretty hard. But as Rocky said, “It ain’t about how hard you’re hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!” We each have greatness within us, and if we keep working at it, we can achieve our dreams.

“Oh Fortuna”

Paso Doble Showdance

The matador has fallen in love with a beautiful señorita. But the only way to win her father’s approval is to defeat the family bull. The señorita loves him and doesn’t want him to fight in the ring, but the matador wants to prove his worth to her and the family, so he marches into battle.

“Singing in the Rain”

Gene Kelly Tribute

Not all performances are meant to be serious and dramatic; sometimes you need to have a little fun and just laugh. With this number, we hoped to pay tribute to a timeless performance and bring out some lighthearted character with our own ballroom rendition of “Singing in the Rain.”

“Vaquero Se Convierte Matador”

Paso Doble Performance
This show dance is a traditional paso double with our own interpretation, story, and style. Expect a cracking surprise if you ever see this piece in person, but we won’t give away any secrets!

“Miracle Rumba”

Dedicated to Kyle Treu

Dance allows us to express feelings and emotions that are difficult to convey through words. Casey’s brother, Kyle Treu, was in a serious car accident and spent weeks in a coma then months in the ICU with a traumatic brain injury. Overcoming all obstacles, and defying the predictions of his doctors, Kyle made a full recovery. This rumba is dedicated to him, and everyone who is working through life’s difficult trials. The pain of some trials may never fully disappear, but that doesn’t take away the victory of perseverance.

“Looks Like a Lady”

ChaChaCha Showdance

Not all performances need to be complex, but we believe they should stay true to the character of the dance. The cheeky cha cha is the story of a man meeting a woman is always fun to perform. Who will make the first move? Will there be a second date? Watch this sassy cha cha to find out!