We choreograph for couples, small groups, and large teams. Whether you need competitive routines, show dances, or formation medleys, we can create something special just for you. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box: our clients have also included figure skaters and drum corps. If you would like us to visit your studio, please fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll get something cooking!


Choreography needs to be both artistic and competitive, especially if you want a routine that will look good on a stage and wow judges at competitions. We have ample experience in both areas.

Dancing on the prestigious BYU Ballroom Dance Touring Company for 4 years and touring the world gave us a lot of exposure to competitive formation work, show dances and show structure. In addition we’ve also coached and participated on youth formation teams. We also create show dances for ourselves and perform regularly.

We enjoy creating everything from the funny to the dramatic and work with beginner and advanced companies. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything.


We choreograph on a regular basis for individual couples in all styles of ballroom: International Latin and Standard, American Smooth and Rhythm, and Cabaret/Theater Arts. Our students have won national titles and aced their wedding dance.

We enjoy crafting routines that capitalize on your strengths while also pushing you as a dancer. Your choreography is like the sheet music for a symphony; it contains all the potential for a beautiful performance and is the vehicle you use to carry your product to the rest of the world.

Choreography is the foundation to your art; what you include—and what you don’t—defines you as a dancer. It all comes down to decisions.


Whether it’s your first year coaching a team or you run an already successful program, we’d love to help! Our work has been seen in every age division at the National Championships in both Latin and Standard categories.

We enjoy every stage of the creative process: from collaborating on music ideas to giving advice on costumes, from choreographing beautifully connected sequences to creating clever formation changes, from cleaning the important details to helping teams deliver confident and exciting performances.

We’d love to lend a listening ear and help where and how you need us. 


We feel grateful to have worked with many wonderful studio and school programs! We hope to work with you next!

Dancing has the ability to build people where ever you are and teach important life skills. We love use ballroom dancing to build individuals for life. If you need an advanced competitive routine or something fun to help build your program, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pacific Ballroom Dance Waltz

By using effective teaching methods, we were able to choreograph and set this waltz for Pacific Ballroom Dance in just under two hours. The intent was not to present a showy routine, but to continue the dancers’ syllabus education and prepare a presentation of that work for a performance environment. Rehearsing this routine with its gold syllabus base, American Smooth elements, and simple lifts helped better prepare the dancers for individual competition and medley choreography.

Payson High School Samba

This piece was designed to teach a new ballroom club international samba and also provide them with a fun showpiece to perform for friends and family, with the hope that it would inspire others to join the program. Prior to choreography, the dancers had little to no experience with samba, but we were still able to teach the dance and set choreography in four hours. The piece was so successful that the club used this routine as the finale in their spring concert.